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January 18th 2018

Collaborating with yesyesBD, an advertising and creative communications company, we have co-developed the Edenic innovation group. We bring our experience and unique methodology to help you innovate.

We successfully launched our first product to market in Spring 2017.. 

Souls are beautifully designed and professionally made Insoles to support your feet throughout pregnancy.

Introducing - SoulsTM
Insoles for Mums to be

54 Degrees North brand

- Souls Insoles -

win award

June 8th 2017

 We are proud to announce that our Souls insoles for mums to be won the award for new innovation.

We're working on something new

In partnership with our friends at Brytespark We're building something great to help keep your body fit for a lifetime of healthy and happy movement

June18th 2019

Specially formulated aligner cleaning tablets delivered direct to you