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New Technology Innovation that gives REAL-TIME FEEDBACK FOR SWIMMERS

Our friends over at the imagination factory are going to launch their kickstarter campaign in March 2018 for what looks to be a seriously cool bit of kit for swimmers. We've been watching their progress closely and are very excited about their product.  Not only is it designed to fit over a wide range of goggles but they have spent a long time working with athletes, coaches and technology advisers to make sure their offering caters for the demands of swimmers, from occasional swimmers through to top performing athletes. 

This March, SwimAR launches on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. A product of The Imagination Factory, (a London creative engineering and product design studio), SwimAR was the idea of co-founder, Julian Swan when training for a triathlon. Disconnected from time when swimming, in contrast with the real-time feedback on the bike and track, he set about looking for a solution, with his team.

Using the leading edge technology of Sony’s SmartEyeglass and the creative engineering and design strength of the Imagination Factory, SwimAR has been developed over two years in collaboration with the swimming community.

SwimAR attaches to a large range of goggles, giving swimmers a transparent display of their performance, clear and bright in their line of sight. No more stopping to check times between lengths or guessing at split times or stroke rate. Data is stored and transferred post swim for analysis.

"It's a fantastic piece of kit. Probably going to be the go-to device for swimmers both at performance and leisure level,” said Philip Walsh, long distance swimmer.

Due to the limited availability of the new technology involved and in order to make it available as soon as possible, Kickstarter has been chosen as the best platform to make SwimAR available this year.

Here at 54 Degrees North we know how important the information will be created by the data captured through the SwimAR and how this can be used to track, improve and develop learning paths to further enhance a swimmers choice of advancement. This will be a great solution to an unmet need and really adds a much needed real time flow of information into the swimming market.

If you’re interested in securing SwimAR this year or for more product information, take a look at their website and sign up here for updates or contact let them know you heard about it on our blog. 

We will update our blog over the coming months as the Kickstarter campaign and product development progresses.

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