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Ever feel like your web browsing history is following you???

Having spent many years in industries where advertising to consumers is standard practice, sometimes you can become a little frustrated with the adverts of items you've viewed keep reappearing on web pages. Yes you liked a pair of shoes or a holiday you were googling but a week on they are still haunting your browser.. Theses companies have dropped a cookie or an auto opt-in to marketing on to your computer which is picked up each time you use a browser.

Click here to reduce the adverts you see in your browser

To help reduce this there is a great tool you can use which most marketers and web service companies would rather you didn't use. It's free and you don't need to install anything.

Simply click on this link (yes it's safe to do and it will open in a new window) and follow the instructions. If you use multiple browsers; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge etc you can open the link in each one to carry out the same 'OPT-OUT' request.

Click here to reduce the adverts you see in your browser

We run this once a month to keep them under control but it's up to you if you want to run it and how often you wan to run it.

In a similar vein, if you are concerned about Facebook tracking your web usage there are plugins you can use to help (N.B. please research these yourself before installing to make sure they work for you)

For Chrome users;

For Firefox;

For i-phones there is also a useful (there may be a one off small charge)

If you find this useful please forward this blog post to your friends and colleagues, you can do this by either forwarding this page to your friend or send them this link;


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