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Amazon Echo Spot

It's been almost a week now since we took delivery of the latest edition of the Echo family the Echo Spot and we are impressed. Its compact sleek design ftis nicely on a bedside table and fills a room with a warm sound. While not as powerful as it's older brother Echo (2,5inch woofer and a 0.8 inch tweeter) it offers a stronger mid-range sound through its 2.4inch speaker when compared to it's smaller sister the Echo Dot (0.6inch tweeter).

Replacing the radio alarm clock it offers all of the features of the Echo family; smart device control, Alexa skills, music library access,

Pros- A screen that you can personlise with a photo or use one of the ~20 default display options Daily, weekday and weekend alarm functions Access to full echo features, music, smart device control Screen hide facility to remove any ambient light from a room when you're sleeping Intuitive touchscreen UI for navigating the menu options The all important disable camera function very important to keep Mr Bezos out of the bedroom :-) Small video display for watching music videos, video shorts or film trailers and news reports etc Looks sleek and blends in beautifully


We haven't found any as yet but we'll update our blog post as we use it more and more.

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