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Tedx Manchester 2018

We attended TedxManchester yesterday and had a great day, some great speakers and excellent music.

Couple of the highlights,

Andy Burnham -Mayor of Greater Manchester, taking about his approach to make Greater Manchester a more fluid political process compared to London by bringing in Mancunians to help put together key strategies across, Digital, Transport, housing and other important topics.

Liv Boeree - A professional poker player, talked about how she applies the logic of percentages in every day life, from relationship management through to manageing the expectations of her firends and family.

Sheena Cruickshank - An Immunologist at Manchester University gave everybody something to think about when they next go to the toilet. Fecal transplants through to how to improve the health of your microbiome.

54 Degrees North at TEDxManchester

On the schedule were a new band of extremely talented musians called Kabantu and they had the whole venue singing along. We'd certainly recommend having a listent to their debut album. We were fortunate enough to meet a couple of them after the event, (from left to Right) Abel Selaocoe, Katie Foster and Delia Stevens meeting members of Kabantu

A great event to attend and look forward to TedxManchester 2019 .

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